Hi there - so the other night we had some guests in, one of whom is associated with this literary magazine called "Brick."

I had a look at it, and you know i'm a cook not a literary critic, but it's really good. There are excerpts from the current issue on the site and the same from back issues. here is the link http://www.brickmag.com/
I haven't had time to read all of it, but here's a quote about it. it seems to sum up what most of us want in life: "BRICK has everything going for it that true love has, except the potential for betrayal. It mates for life." Leon Rooke
With everything going on with the restaurant, i have had little time to look at Mr. Rooke's site either but i love the "Blackbird" staff photo so am including it, as usual, without permission. he hasn't been in, but if you are in the neighborhood i hope you'll stop by. here's a link to his magazine: http://www.blackbird.vcu.edu/
ok, that's all for now. oh, but don't forget about the barbecue, it should be a fun week or just stop by to say hello even if you are not hungry. take care for now. mark.