HELLO everybody -
the kitchen sisters did a great story on parsi new year today. you can actually listen to the interviews and story from the NPR website right now.
i added a few pictures from theNPR site - this is Niloufer Ichaporia King's picture taken by Laura Folger of NPR. I didn't ask for permission to use the photo, so if anyone out there wants me to remove it, we can do that, just let me know

This is from the interview: "Parsi food is disappearing with us. Our numbers are dwindling," King says. "Parsi cooking is one of the least known cuisines in the world," she adds. "Coming from desert plateaus in Iran to this incredibly fertile coastal plain with fish jumping out of the water. Coconuts, mangoes, layered on top of the Hindu influence the Muslims, the British and the Portuguese. You could call it a kind of magpie cooking. We see something appealing and we fly off with it to our nests, take the gems and make something of it that's our own."
I would hate to see Parsi cuisine disappear - maybe we could do a monthly Parsi menu or something - a benefit dinner for the cuisine itself.
This is Niloufer's book - if you can't read the small print, it says "traditional and modern Parsi cooking."
We had a Parsi New Year menu last week that was really enjoyable-well, at least it was for me.
I hope you'll listen to the story - it's only about seven minutes long, but there are links to more information and interviews.
ok, so i hope you are all doing well out there. it's after 2am now - so i better sign off. take care, mark.